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Features are a great way for me to connect with you personally. It is very much like an interview where I give you questions and you respond. If you are a creative that has 



A new way to be a part of Annasghost! 

Click here for example


If you are a creative that is just looking to have your work out there this is the place. This doesn't necessarily mean you are promoting a new product (cd, song, etc.) or interested in talking about yourself, but more wanting to share something you're proud of. 


You may notice that these are all very similar. I wanted to create a small divide between the different ways you can get involved with the site as a starting point. There have been many times that someone has approached me wanted to get their project up on the site but I haven't had the time to sit down and write feature questions, which isn't even their interest. Sadly, that hasn't been a very effective method. Hopefully this will bring a bit more organization to the process so that I can get more people on the site. If you aren't sure where you fall on the spectrum but know you want to get involved I will include some other examples and a general contact option below.  - Anna

Other ways you can get involved:

Promote your small business with an ad on the site | Volunteer at Ghost Fest | Collaborate with Anna on a project | Share ideas |Other