Holiday Home 2018

Our Home December 2018

With life moving soo crazy fast I wanted to take a moment to capture our little home during the recent holidays. The more we work (and we work A LOT) the closer we get to reaching goals, making more goals and advancing in our careers and life. We have only had this house for a short time but we are already looking for something a little more roomy. This house has been perfect for this season of Lucas and my life. It will always hold a special place in my heart and will forever be our newlywed home. As we look to the future, our wants, needs and dreams we both agree that a different house will need to be in our near-ish future. Plans aren’t made and a new house has not been found but we are looking. That being said, I wanted to remember our little house decorated for Christmas, cluttered and colorful.

May the future be merry + bright.