X.Y. Spaces live at Lucky Sound Studio


This is going to be an extremely special and unique show. Essentially, this is professional recording session disguised as a raucous live show. A live show of which we're going to be incorporating extra antics, extra songs, and extra sauce. It's definitely got to be the first of it's kind around here, or maybe anywhere. We love you and want to rejoice in the beauty of music with you.


May 19th


Lucky Sound Studio in Fort Payne, AL


 X.Y. Spaces, Just Friends, Katrina Barclay


 Equal parts show of which you get to spectate upon a band (your boys in X.Y. Spaces) record a live album of old and newer personal favorites of ours before your very eyes, and also equal parts opportunity for the local music community of the surrounding area to congregate at a spot that will surely be home to the creation and celebration of many more musical exploits moving forward.

While the underlying goal is for us to crank out an awesome live album with corresponding videos to go along with it, definitely still expect the energy that we always put in to our shows. In fact, expect more than usual. Also expect super solid sets from our friends in Just Friends and Katrina Barclay.

X.Y. Spaces has been known to dish out a lot of shenanigans during our shows, so there will be plenty of that. You will just have to come to the show to see what that entails.


Our good friends in Deep Space Devices, an incredible new effects pedal company out of Gadsden, AL. Our podcast 'This Podcast Could Take Forever,' available on Apple Music, Stitcher, etc, updated weekly. And this website! Anna's Ghost! 

Each will have tables set up to display what they've got going on. Each are unique facets of the AL music scene and you will be able to observe that in person at this show. Anna's Ghost in particular will be filming the set of X.Y. Spaces for a 'Lucky Ghost Session.' Said set will definitely be something you will want to be a part of and immortalized in.


So lately, we've felt like we're really coming in to our own more than ever as far as our live sound goes. Playing live is our favorite thing, and honestly, it's a different sound, feel, etc when we play live. It's nearly a cliche but the energy really gives it a special edge. Especially with the songs that we've been playing for a few years now, they just keep getting better and better the more that we play them. We wanted to capture all of this in a recording, and doing this at Lucky Sound Studio couldn't be more perfect of a place to accomplish this. The end result will be a live album (with audio and video) of which will serve as the best representation of who we are as a band as of yet.