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I have been in a very reflective period of life. I am a few months from 25 and although I know that is very young age, the quarter-life crisis is real. I have been working exploring how I see myself, how I see life in general, how fleeting life truly is, etc. MESS does a beautiful job at confronting the difficult thoughts and questions. Tree works looks at the emotions we face on our journey to understanding and accepting the realities of life. The music is dazzling and makes me want to lay on a blanket outside, look at the clouds and contemplate life. Which is exactly what I am going to do.

Thank you Erik for reaching out. I think you guys are kind and extremely talented.



MESS is..

Mike -  drums
Evan  - guitar
Will - bass
Erik - guitar and vocals

We all kind of came together from various projects in and around Baltimore and Frederick, MD. I had played with Evan’s old band, Lilac Daze, a few times and really enjoyed their music. Evan and I started playing and were soon joined by Mike and Will. We all met through the music scene in MD, which was nice to enjoy someone’s music and then make music with them. As a band, we are really influenced by one another and what each of us brings to practice each week. Other then that, we really like a whole assortment of stuff from bands like Seam, Polvo, and Guided by Voices to Hum, Polaris, and the Lemonheads.


Baltimore is a great, diverse scene. You can go to a show and catch anything from some d-beat punk to hip hop. Some of our favorite locals include The Lushpockets, Bested, Nina Gala, and Infinity Knives. Evan and Mike also play in Jim Shorts and Will plays in a band, Graver. I (Erik) play in a long-running project, Boat Water. Evan is also from Frederick, MD, a town with a welcoming, awesome scene as well. We’re really into Cosmic Halitosis, Gloop, and Middle Kid, all from Frederick as well.


Our new record was released early this year. We wrote the album together in the summer/winter and recorded it in Philly with a friend. The album is called “Tree” and I like to think of it as a statement on growth. As a band, we grew into the songs on this record. Around the writing of the songs... I was having some deep ideas and fears related to mortality so, lyrically, the songs tend to try and address death (!) and the movement around it, the anxiety, the fear, and hopefully the lurch into coming to terms with it (?).  Musically, someone recently said the record sounded like the Pacific Northwest in 1997 and I like that because I love the music that was happening there during that time. So yea, we sound like the Pacific Northwest in the 90s! With maybe a little Chapel Hill, I hope, thrown in for good measure.

The album has been released on an awsome tape label in Olympia, WA called Reflective Tapes. They are an awesome label that really supports DIY community and music. Check them out!

Thank you again!

-Erik and Evan and Will and Mike


Reflective TapesBandcamp | FB | Insta


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