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Cathode Ray..

Cathode Ray was released on June 18th 2018. It was recorded by Marshall Hicks at "The Space" and "Shelf House", both are located in Roanoke, Virginia. Recording with Marshall was great, he really knows how to capture our sound. All of our songs were recorded live and were mixed and mastered after with no over dubbing. L.A. Dies even joined us to do backing vocal/harmonies on "Care", all live of course.

When it comes to writing, we never really have a plan; songs just happen. Most of the songs on Cathode Ray have been around for a while, just have yet to be recorded before now. The biggest difference of Cathode Ray from our previous recordings was that this is our first full release with Tyler on drums, which in turn means everything is different than before. Our music has evolved a lot over our time together. Making the cassette tape, we did them all ourselves. Originally we had this idea of photographing us mostly naked with tv's outside, but during the winter we decided to try and get the photo in the snow as well. Luckily we had our chance and took it, and it turned out perfectly. The rest of the tape colors and design were based loosely around that snowy feeling. Most of the design choices came about as we were putting it together, the choice of color for the font and cassettes came from a baby blue 1964 1/2 Mustang. Luckily we found a cassette that was close to matching, the rest of it just fell into place.

My (Ryan) favorite song of the album is French Kisses. It is so much fun to play and I can feel the performance of the song as i listen.

My (Tyler) favorite is Surfer Bums. I like the beat and I love the way the vocals came out. Its super fun to play. I don't know what the lyrics are but they sound dope.

This record has a lot of meaning for me, when Tyler and I first started playing music together I was at an incredibly difficult point of my life. I had made a lot of mistakes, and lost a lot of people who i had expected to always be there. Dover was one of my only grounding point, playing music gave me something to live for and Tyler was an excellent person to create with. With therapy and a lot of music I've gotten to a much more stable and pleasant place in my life. The songs on Cathode Ray all came about during this time period, and all reflect a stage in this process. This album is that experience on tape, each individual song has a meaning for me, but i would rather people have there own meaning for each song rather than mine. I owe a lot to Tyler and Dover  for being there when i needed it most.

We recently had a tour with L.A. Dies to help promote the album. The tour was a continuously great experience, our best tour yet. Playing along side L.A. Dies is always a wonderful experience though. This tour was also both bands first foray playing music out of the country, so it will always hold a place in the record books. Canada was very inviting, fun, and of course polite. On our tour together we did 2500 miles, 10 shows, in 10 cities, in 10 days, and 2 countries, looking back i wouldn't have it any other way.

Of our upcoming projects, which the're many, the most intimidate is we are filming a music video at the end of this month. We are also already planning our next album, which is set to come out next year if all goes well. It is still in a very infantile stage.

You can find Cathode Ray on bandcamp with physical copies available to order there online. It will also be on streaming sites such as Spotify and Itunes as soon as possible.

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