Camacho | Revival

And somehow the stars just aligned...

The beginning: I’d say the “genesis” of Camacho was during the summer of 2014. I had just returned to Decatur after a brief stint in college, and I helped Joe on his solo project called “Hydrotherapy”. Joe played all of the instruments himself and we recorded it at his house over a few month's time. The process of bringing that project to fruition and how pleased we were with songs led to us getting together and collaborating on more songs. Our musical backgrounds and interests are so similar, it was just a natural chemistry. And somehow the stars just aligned and we were able to bring our best buddy Alex into the fold. If I had to choose two people to play with, it'd be these guys. And having Chris to provide his talents, as a musician and much more, has been the icing on the cake.

Who are some of Camacho's biggest influences?

One thing I love about this band is that all of our musical tastes are so diverse. It definitely has an impact on our sound. There are honestly too many influences to name haha. Growing up listening to the Beatles will definitely rub off on you.

Recently I was telling a friend about Camacho. She asked me how would I describe the band. The first word that came to mind was cool. Camacho is so cool. That word means many different things to different people but I feel almost universally Camacho can be put in the category of really good, really cool, fun music to listen to and experience. How would you describe the band?

We don’t like to confine ourselves to any one genre or musical identity. Anything goes, whatever we’re feeling or what comes out naturally. I like to think of ourselves as a melting pot. Hopefully you like what we’re cooking up haha. People have said our music sounds like a throwback, yet at the same time something modern and new. But then again, we’ve been called ‘dad rock’ more than I’d prefer hahaha. If you use one adjective to label us, hopefully its “unique”. Our primary goal has always been to craft our own sonic voice.

Time to get to the good stuff! Tell me all about the new music!

The album is titled Revival, and its our first full-length and I’m beyond excited for everyone to hear it! You can listen to it on our Bandcamp page, Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, etc. And physical copies are in the works! Recording took place over the span of about 7 months in various places (Lucky Sound Studios, and spaces in Decatur, AL and Nashville, TN) by the band and Chris Wilson, who oversaw the production, engineering and mixing.

Favorite songs?

As far as favorite tracks, I love them all! (Without trying to sound braggadocios haha). One that particularly stands out to me is Betwixt, Between, it is all over the place in a really fun way. On the other hand, songs like Wrong and Revival I’m really proud of from a songwriting perspective.

I always have the best time watching y'all play live. You guys seem to be having a great time and enjoying what you are doing. Is this energy something you guys make a conscious effort to bring to your shows? 

Energy is very important to our shows I think. I try to give off as much positive energy as I can. I’m glad its at least noticeable! Haha. I always want people to enjoy our sets and have a good time.

In the music world you guys haven been involved for awhile, together and separately, what are some of the other projects you've worked on? 

I’ve had a couple other projects, but never anything too serious. Joe and Alex were, of course, the rhythm section of Belial (which has now evolved into X.Y. Spaces). Other projects of theirs include Sleep Through Storms, Andy Asteroids, and Hi-9 (which Chris was also apart of). The Decatur area has such an array of talented musicians, across all genres.

Long live the scene

Music is in my blood, as cheesy as that may sound. It is truly my passion in life, and I'm so glad that I'm able to enjoy doing that with my peers in the local scene, which is thriving right now. So many talented bands in Alabama right now.


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