How would you describe your band?

Wingin' It, our full length album title, basically describes us best. We don't try to fit into most music scenes. Not saying we avoid it, we just write what we feel. That's why our music doesn't all really fall into the same category. We just write 'em and jam 'em.

How did Sunraider get started?

Well, the band started before the name was attached. It was a combination of just friends that used to be in bands that had recently stopped being active. Since all those projects had died, we decided to start something a little out of normal hardcore/metal feel and go a little lighter.

Who are some of your biggest influences?

Musically, we love Basement, Title Fight, Superheaven, Manchester Orchestra, Scowl Brow, Choir Vandals, and Joyce Manor. We like to jam all kinds of different things. Lately, we've been jamming Chance The Rapper non-stop, and he really is one of the biggest influences in all of music right now. Especially for small town DIY bands that feel like it's not worth it. He is walking proof that anyone can do it without any professional help.

I know you guys just put out a 10 track, full length called “Wingin’ it” Tell me a bit about the writing, recording, etc.

Actually, our former front-man wrote about half of the songs before we had even met him. A lot of it was stuff he had ideas for that we helped build together. The recording experience was new to all of us. We actually recorded the whole thing live. As a band, we love the live experience most of all, so we wanted to capture that as much as possible with this album.

How did this album impact the band?

With the former member and the songs he had written, it forced us to become better musicians. It also helped us narrow down what we enjoyed playing the most.

What does local music mean to you? 

Most of us have been going to shows since before we could drive. Some of the best friends we have right now are from shows we went to 5+ years ago. Venues, like the end. theatre(RIP), have always been like a second home to us. It's amazing watching crowds of all kinds of different people come to the same place over and over just to watch what some other local artist is doing.

What is the local music scene like where you are from? 

The scene from here is insane, because we literally live in such a landmark of recording history, there always is, and always has been, something going on. You can be at one venue watching some amazing local indie band and walk around the corner to an equally as crowded punk show. After so many hardcore/punk shows, we decided that's what we wanted to do. We've changed over the years, but that's definitely where it all started.

Any shows/projects coming up?

Bobby and I(Tony) have been working really hard on starting a new DIY venue for the shoals. We've been having so many shows in our garage. We recently had bands like Daisyhead, Words Like Daggers, and Save Face play in our living room. As cool as that was, we want to be able to do that kind of thing all the time. Other than that, we are going on a 9-day tour in January with our friends in Green River Killers. We're excited to get on the road again. Even though some dates fell through on our last tour with West Means Home, we still had one of the best weeks ever.

Any last words?

We're grateful we get the opportunity to do stuff like this. The fact that people care is what keeps us doing what we love to do.

Other than that, jam these bands:

Boxer Joy, West Means Home, Gaffer Project, Florence and Normandie, Kinder Than Wolves, Mountains Like Wax, Pale Lungs, Furniture Sailour, XY Spaces

Thanks Milly Baine Photography for the awesome pictures and Emmera for continuous sweet Polaroids.


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