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Sleep Weather is Chris B (guitar/vocals), Hunter R (guitar/vocals), Chris S (bass), Allen M (drums).


Sleep Weather is a four piece birthed in a trailer in Byron, GA - which is probably a place that you've never heard of, and rightly so. To sum up the scene of middle GA is to say very little really. It's roots were predominately hardcore and metal. Moshing, pizza, cigarettes, tight pants, community churches - that kind of thing. During Sleep Weather's inception, only nostalgia and poor examples were left of those times. With the hardcore/metal scene dwindling, it was refreshing to have someone doing something different after so many years. The local baptist church, skate park, and record store accommodated what was left of a dying scene, and any opportunity to play was opportunity enough; but horizons were expanding, people were moving, and crowds grew thinner. It's only natural for things to migrate and adapt if they're to survive. So, Sleep Weather has been residing, rehearsing, and writing in the Atlanta area for the past year now. 

Sleep Weather played Ghost Fest. (aka my favorite day ever) what was your experience like at Ghost Fest?

Because we were recording some new songs in Rainbow City, we unfortunately were only really able to be around for our set. I believe we were all kind of exhausted and not quite there to be honest - thinking about the recording process and running on little sleep. I felt a bit disembodied myself and thought that we had done terribly, but someone recently uploaded some footage of our whole set and it wasn't all that bad. I think it's safe to say though, from everyone we met and everything we were around for, Ghost Fest was amazing! The theater is a really rad spot and everyone seemed very supportive. We really wish we could have spent the whole day with everyone and had seen all the bands. Maybe next time?

New Music?

As far as the new songs are concerned - they are for a split we are doing with our pals in Pace House (Gadsden, AL). We don't have a precise release date as of now, but they are expected to release sometime in December hopefully. 

What has the writing and recording process been like?

 Our writing process has varied over the few years that we've been a band, but it generally starts with guitars. Either Chris or I will bring a riff or complete song to the table and we'll all branch off of that. It's usually a frustrating process and we bump heads a lot - but the songs always end up coming together magically somehow. I think we've all come to understand that however we're feeling independently tends to manifests in our writing process. Our personal states of being seem to definitely be interdependent. So, we generally won't get much done if one of us is having an off day. There's a beautiful connection in that sense. 

 Recording is something we're pretty new to. We can write songs, but we're definitely amateurs and uneducated when it comes to studio/engineer work. It's something we're getting better at and more comfortable with, but it takes time for sure. I really wish one of us were proficient when it comes to recording/engineering, but we make due with what we have. We won't even bother discussing "Two Wheels Spinning", ha. However, "Lake Joy" was a very rewarding and educational experience for us. It was recorded and engineered in Burlington, CT at Silver Bullet Studios by Chris Teti (TWIABP). We drove to Silver Bullet the summer of 2015 and spent around two weeks making that record what you hear today. Being in a proper studio for the first time and recording our first LP, we were a bit naive and ill-prepared - but Teti was very helpful in guiding the songs in the right direction. We all really enjoy our studio time for the most part. It's just such a gratifying feeling to hear these songs that have been forged over times of such frustration, apathy, disagreement, creativity, fun, etc. - to hear them in their complete form. It makes it all worth it. 

One of the biggest parts of this site is to share the importance of local music, with that in mind, what does local music mean to you ?

Local music is a communion. It's a way for individuals, groups, and cities to express themselves. To me, in one of the most beautiful ways - as sound is a higher form of expression, beyond words. The words can only do so much; you can barely hear or understand the words at most local shows anyway, at least in Atlanta that is. Ha, I swear a solid PA doesn't exist in this city. My point is: music is a powerful thing, especially intimate music. In your face music. 20 people in a living room music. Get out and your support local artists.  

What do you hope to contribute to local music?

More than anything, we just want to make music. If our music happens to inspire, motivate, or move people, then that's enough contribution as far as I'm concerned. Of course, there are other things that we would be honored to contribute to local music, communities, and the world - but for now, we just hope others find something worth while and meaningful in our songs. 


I'll refrain from speaking on behalf of the band here, as our interests and influences vary a bit. For myself, I've been greatly influenced over the years by 90's Emo and Indie Rock. Modest Mouse, Sunny Day Real Estate, Built To Spill, Pinback - that kind of stuff. I'm a sucker for whiny emo bands, like American Football, Mineral, The Appleseed Cast, etc. Lately, I've really been into C-Clamp, Totorro, Clever Girl, and A Picture Of Her. 

What advice do you have for anyone interested in pursuing a creative medium?

 As cliche as it may be, just follow your heart. Do what feels right and do it with undying passion. Whatever your medium is - may it purely be expression and manifestation of the creative will, nothing more. 

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