"Be tuff and be caring be anything you need. Create cause it's what we were born to do."

About Devilsteef by Devilsteef:

Devilsteef is Bobbie Payne on bass guitar and vocals, Cassie Roya Baher on guitar and vocals, and Margarita Castro on drums. The following is everything you need to know about this all female, punk rock trio/coven from Hsv, Al.

AH: How did Devilsteef get started?

Cassie : The band was formed by Bobbie and me a few years ago.  I think we wanted to start a band that touched on our influences and showed another side to the story of what women have to say. We have a serious, dark tone. Sad and haunted, but there are aspects that are catchy and silly. We don't take ourselves too seriously but at the same time, we are singing about real life experiences and feelings. We both have so much in common so it was very natural to make this band. The band is a complete collaboration. we individually contribute complete songs and express the ways we want them fleshed out, but we also help each other grow and develop riffs and lyrics. We both sing. When we record, I like to throw keys on some songs, so does Bobbie and she also plays a mean cello. I think all this combined makes DT very different. I feel like no other band out there has our perspective and tone. And I feel like we will keep doing this band until we run out of things to sing about. haha. 

 Margarita Castro was a natural fit on drums and she already liked what we had put out previously.  So the band has kept evolving forward. It will be us 3 until the band ends. No matter who comes and helps out or who has previously helped out, I think this lineup makes this band work. 

Bobbie :Late 2012... Cassie had a few songs she had been working with for a while I think and the beginnings were punk af hahaha wanting a lineup of ladies only wasn't just a nod to feminism it means so much more. Everybody knows girls and boys are very different... That shakes down to everything we do and I'll just leave it at that for now. It's not a dis but it's a girls club and no boys allowed cause we got work to do.

DevilsTeef is a band bonded by sass, trash and an overall bratty attitudes brought out by life's constant bullshit. I'm sure it's no coincidence we found one another. When nothing else in life is going right we have this band. It is magick and there's no taking any of it lightly. We are very serious about what we do but we don't take ourselves so seriously we can't laugh at what silly nerds we all truly are! We do work hard at this and for this band. We lose sleep to make deadlines and never regret a thing. This is a band of sister witchey bitches.... Nothing will stop us. 

AH: Is there any new music, shows, etc. coming up?

DT: This Friday, October 7th, at the Voodoo Lounge in Downtown Huntsville. We are playing with the very awesome Wet Nurse (on tour from florida) and Sam Mcelroy (acoustic), a night of all female acts! 

We have a 2015 release, called Blood of the Gorgon,  and here is a link to order it.  We are currently working on a DIY recording. We are doing everything ourselves. We hope to have it out and for sale before 2016 is up. 

AH: What does local music mean to you?

Bobbie: I feel bless that HSV has always been a bit out of place in Alabama! I've been going to punk shows as long as I can remember! I was at Tip Top cafe one of the shadiest bars in hsv history to see The Dead Milkmen when I was 14!  It just oozes rock n roll there! We always had family through music. Growing up punk in the middle of the country is not easy... but then again I'm not just a punk rocker, attitude wise tho I'll never be anything else.

Margarita Castro: Having a local scene is amazing for anywhere, I'm just glad we have one.

AH:What do you hope to contribute to local music? 

Bobbie: It's kind of funny. Drummers are always the rarest musicians right? Esp female drummers and we have had a few before Cassie and I convinced margarita to join our gang! We found our girl and I think the new songs reflect that harmony. I think being so animate ab our feminine force still has its haters I'm sure. Ain't no body got time for that. We are here to play rock and roll. If our fans are anything like us they need loud snotty, sometimes heavy music in their life too or else you walk around feeling half-empty without it.

AH: What messages do you hope to send out?

Cassie: we are just expressing ourselves through art. If the listener can identify with our views, that's rad. We don't have an specific political agenda or black or white message. I think we paint in shades of grey and we write poetry set to music. sometimes its sad and its about self hate. and sometimes its an anthem for friendship and empowerment. Haha. Its apathetic, pagan rock.  but its also anxiety and compulsive. wait maybe thats just me. haha. no specific message. its our art. some may dig it, some may not

AH: What are you biggest influences?

Cassie: Musically I was always inspired by strong females. growing up as a child in the 90s I have to say my all time favorites are babes in toyland, L7, poisin ivy of the cramps, jucifer, and joan jett. all of them influenced me to push thru as a female to play music. i can remember the first time I saw jucifer play. After watching amber valentine shred, I went home and picked up the guitar and started a band in the 10th grade. She showed me that women could be strong and that women could play music. As far as all time favorites regardless of gender would be Misfits, Cancerslug, Morrissey, and Prince. Art is music and art is visual too. i would say edward gorey and frank frazetti have a huge influence on me as well

Bobbie: Wendy O Williams, Brody Dalle, Siouxsie Sioux, Polly Styrene, Ronnie Spector, L7, Kathleen Hannah, Blondie... I could go on forever and these are only my female influences. I grew up on stuff like crass, beastie boys, fugazi and hella local shows and bands... My taste in music is all over the map. We get ideas for songs from horror movies and cartoons as well as life having its way of being hauntingly romantic 

We know this is either a draw or repelling to people however we just came to rock sooooo 

AH: How can we get more girls involved in local music?

Bobbie: I think the movement encouraging young girls to be scientists or engineers is also empowering for arts. The whole world is changing. Mostly men were in charge is years past. Now women are the bread winners of families. Also I feel like just because you have a family doesn't mean you have to stop being a creative force or anything you want to be. Chicks can handle the pressure and the work involved. We are all queens of multitasking. Be tuff and be caring be anything you need. Create cause it's what we were born to do.

AH: What advice do you have for any girls wanting to start a band?

Cassie: My number 1 advice is Do Not be Afraid! Fear and doubt hold women back creatively. If you have a passion for Art, in any form, go explore that, live that, and be engulfed in your passion. life is short and shit sucks, so do what makes you happy. My advice is for a girl contemplating starting a band, is do it! you can do anything you set your mind to. A dear friend and mentor once told me, "What one person can do, so can you."   Never look at art or music and say its too hard or I couldn't do that. You can, All you gotta do is try!

Margarita Castro: Pick up an instrument and do it. Whatever you do, don't everrrrrr not do something just because it isn't cool. You'll regret it. I grew up being ridiculed for everything I did or was interested in. I wanted to do music forever. I didn't pick anything up sooner because I didn't believe in myself enough, now I have these amazing friends that support me and now I play in this amazing band. I definitely regret not picking up the drums sooner. If you want something, go for it. Fuck anyone who puts you down or tells you otherwise

AH: What does feminism mean to you?

Cassie: Feminism is the freedom to be yourself. A true feminist does not limit herself to be just a women pushing through, she is confident enough to blaze a trail with no title, to exist unafraid and unapologetic to the world around her.

Bobbie: I am into it if it empowers without hate. No whining. I don't want to hear complaining I want to hear solutions. I think feminism is not feeling bad about being a woman. It's about holding mankind as a whole to a higher standard. There's no way I want a soapbox to preach on. I want ladies to be like dudes in the way they don't worry about the crap we worry about ladies! Life is not to be wasted. If something is not working for you let it go. Stay busy and so big things that make you feel good inside and don't care what anyone thinks... Make or female

Margarita Castro: It means fuck you to every body who thinks that just because you're female you're somehow not as important or capable as malesIt means fuck you to every body who thinks that just because you're female you're somehow not as important or capable as males

AH: Any last words?

Bobbie: I can't help it... I agree that every girl should be given a guitar on her 16th birthday 💙

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