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Hello, nice to meet you.


AH: I have listened to your band GallantHorn and I am truly such a fan. Tell me a bit about the band.

CM: First & foremost, I just want to apologize because you're about to experience me ramble & talk for quiet awhile. It all started back around fall of 2015. Josh Nix (drummer for Color Wild) & I have really been wanting to start a duo piece for quiet awhile and after jamming for a few weeks, we locked in what sound we were going to produce & began GallantHorn. The name originated from two things. The nerd thing was from a weapon in the video game called Destiny (we're nerds at heart) and the other thing was that Gallant was our hometown. It's funny because we didn't know we lived 5 minutes from each other for 14 years. We both had a love for music based around instrumentals driven by constant reverb & delay effects throughout. When we first started writing, we were shocked by the amount of sound we were making so we just make it into a two piece ( but to let you in on a secret, we want to make even more sound so there may be a new member soon).

AH: I know you just recorded a new song at Lucas Smith’s studio, what was that process like? How do you go about writing new music?

CM: Recording with Lucas was a blessing. Out of all the recording sessions I've been apart of, I had the best time with Lucas. He just makes you feel at home & I believe that's what's needed because we all have our recording jitters at the beginning. Ryan Mabry helped out a ton also which I couldn't be more thankful. Ryan is an amazing & unique individual and his outward personality made everything as if we were motivated to get the most out of the recording session. When writing, I usually work on a piece for quiet awhile then bring it to the table and josh & I will discuss in detail how we want to go about song structure. There are times when we have a whole song finished then throw it away and take bits and pieces from it because we know it can be written better. Josh & I are very adamant about communication because honestly, it's the key to everything. If you want something to work, there's gotta be communication. We're both very open about things also so there are disputes ever. One of the greatest things also is the fact that I et to write music with one of my best friends so it truly is a blessing.

AH: Recently Lucas and I went all the way to St. Louis to get his new cab from Mills Custom, shortly after you got yours. Why is gear is important to you?

CM: Man, I was so jealous that you guys went. I'm sure Lucas was in heaven. That's so awesome you guys went though. I'm sure it was a great trip! Oh boy. Gear. This is where all my impulse buying goes to. From guitars to amps to pedals, I encourage everyone to venture out and experiment with it. It's a trial & error process but you will find something that you love and just can't let go. For myself, I'm all about reverb & delay & there are some incredible companies that make these effects pedals. Strymon, Caroline Guitar Company, I could go on forever. My personal favorite company is Walrus Audio. The range of pedals and the quality put into it, they've really made a name for themselves. I would say what all pedals I use at the moment but we'd be here for awhile. As far as amps/cabs, I use a Fender bassman amp & a Mills Custom 2x12 cab with horn/tweeter. I play a bass VI so my amp setup and guitar compliment each other very well. With bass, I play a Gibson Grabber. I'm actually about to get a Reverend Baritone very soon. Can you see my impulse buying coming out?

AH: I know you are in Gear Chat. How does the relationship with those guys tie into your love of music?

CM: Ohhhh Gear Chat. Gear Chat is something else. Although, it's called "Gear Chat", the majority of the time we just talk about what's going on in our lives. Everyone in gear chat I could honestly say that they are some of my closest friends in my life. I mean, I have a row reserved exclusively for Gear Chat members at my wedding soon.

AH: The members of gear chat (Austin Snow, John Ramey, Ryan Mabry, Taylor Adams, & I) all contribute something special that makes up for what Gear Chat is.

CM: Austin Snow is the youngest of Gear Chat and I've known him longer than anyone else in gear chat. Looking back from what Austin & I were into in 2012, it amazes me how much we've changed over the years in terms of maturity & growing up. I mean, I'm not saying we were immature but you know, we were all teenagers at one point.

John Ramey. The one and only. We all know John. He's one in a million kind of guy. John brings laughter & his extravagant taste in everything to gear chat that makes it so great. Everyone else contributes so much of their part to gear chat but john brings something that known of us can imitate. Over the past year, John & I have become very close and can honestly say I love him as if he was a brother to me. He's been there for me as I have been there for him. His honesty with everything is what's needed with most things and that something you just don't see much of nowadays. Overall, not only is he a blessing to gear chat, but to local music and surrounding friends.

Ryan Mabry is someone that I could say I look up to when speaking in terms of music gear & knowledge. We all get pretty personal in gear chat and he definitely has a lot to show and his walk throughout his life is extraordinary. If I had the patience to write a book about the life of someone, it'd definitely be about Ryan. Also, just to add this in there, I've always been jealous of his beard.

Taylor Adams was the most recent member in Gear Chat & can say I couldn't be happier that it was him. He's like the professor in the group. His knowledge of music is unreal. He's like a fucking robot!!! When I say this, it's saying a lot, but Taylor is the most talented musician I know and I'm happy to call him a friend as well. He has some big plans coming up with his projects so definitely keep a lookout for that.

When it comes to music, they are very supportive with any projects that I am working with. We are all very supportive as a whole when it comes to all of our projects. It's great to hear opinions and advice from a third party. Most importantly, we definitely make sure that we are investing out time and money in the right gear to reach whatever tone or sound we want to get.

AH: What does local music mean to you ?

CM: local music has influenced me beyond words. It's not just the music, but the people I've encountered and became friends with are some of the closest people in my life now.

AH: What do you hope to contribute to local music or to your the people listening to your music?

CM: Hmmm. That's a tough question. One thing I hope to contribute is union & respect. You will encounter many people and bands from different backgrounds that you don't understand or are not accustomed. Learn from it and appreciate there story rather than push away from what you don't know.

AH: Is there any messages you hope to send out/ stand for?

CM: It's tough in that aspect because we don't speak or sing in it lol. But, if I had anything to send out from it, let the music do the talking. You are the interpreter. But as for myself what messages I'd like to send out? Well, it's weird because I don't necessarily want anything that I'd like to express to be spoken. Not in a bad way. I mean that I would rather have my actions do the talking than my words. Saying this or that is cool and all but actions speak louder than words, you know? I know, I'm lame.

AH: What are some of  your biggest influences?

CM:Explosions in the Sky. The beauty & musicianship they portray from their music is incredible. When you don't need words to express or tell what your art is saying, I applaud you. When expressing emotions through a sound, I believe it can speak louder than words. You're not just listening, you're feeling the emotion being portrayed/played from the instrumentals. That's an art that I think is tough to create because you aren't writing music based around the lyrics, you're writing music based on the emotion or emotions you want to express. Explosions in the Sky brings perfection to this style of writing. As far as people, I don't think it's the person that influences me but it's their life or story that impacts me the most.

AH: What advice do you have for anyone interested in pursuing music?

CM: Fellowship. Comfort. Joy. Acceptance. I believe those things are what drive people to happiness. I wouldn't want anyone to feel insecure with the music they write. Some may disagree with what I'm about to say but I don't want anyone to go about writing music as if like it has to be exclusively this style or this other style. Play and write what you love. Don't let trends or fads hold you back from your writings. You will be surprised by the creativity and unique style of music that you will write once you just let go.

AH: Where does your passion for music come from & what drives you to continue making music?

CM: Well, there are few things. I had to think hard about this question because I had an idea of what drives me to continue making music but not an answer. My brother is something I could say where the passion comes from. Seth & I had very similar music taste but I listened to heavier stuff where he would appreciate more softer style of music. There was a short while where I stopped playing music because I just felt discouraged or insecure at the time of my life. Anytime I would drive him home from school, we'd show each other music and he would always ask me that I should start playing again and that he always loved seeing me playing shows. He was our biggest fan for Beach Side Property lol. Around March of 2014, Seth died in a plane crash along with a other few members of my family. I remember that week very vividly but one thing that I'll never forget that day is the community coming together at our time of grieving and I've never seen so much love & care given. People were flying out from across the states to be there with us to give us comfort. It showed me no matter how much evil we see in the world through media & in person, there is much good in this world than you would think. I believe in God, but I don't believe love is exclusive. I believe everyone deserves the feeling of being loved by someone. Whether it be your significant other or friend, you just haven't lived life if you haven't given or received love. It's a beautiful thing. About 7 months later, I started writing music again & will continue to do so. During that time, a lot was taken from me but insecurity and other things that were holding me back were broken. Seth always wanted me to start playing & writing again, and just that thought is what drives me to continue to make music and during that time of getting back to writing, i forgot how much I loved it. I can't tell you where my passion comes from because I honestly don't know, but I can tell you that Seth is the reason for bringing that passion back to life. The second thing is my fiancé, Christina. Throughout all the heartache, I would've never gotten through it all without her. She saved my life. She is the reason I am here now whether she knows that or not. She's showed me true happiness and and love shows so much support with anything I do, such as music. I love her, obviously lol. It's hard to really explain why she is what drives me to continue making music, but it may just be one of those things where words can't explain it. I'm not trying to sound like a cheesy Hallmark movie but you know lol. There are other things that drives me to continue to make music but I'll just leave it at that because I can tell that I'm rambling lol

AH: Is there any new music, shows, etc. to be looking forward too?

CM:  We have a lot of things in store that I can't announce right now. Its going to be great but you'll find out soon for sure. Of course we're going to be going back to record more songs for the EP/album but instead of GallantHorn, I'm pumped for Men & Mountains & Eyes on Lips recording soon. Id definitely be on the lookout for what they got planned. It's going to be great.

Twitter: @GallantHornAL

Insta: gallanthorn / kliffsworld93

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