Honey Bunny


AH: I have listened to Honey Bunny on repeat lately because it is amazingly wonderful. Tell me a bit about the band.

AC: Im so glad you found Honey Bunny!!! Its a solo music project i started when i was seventeen. Half of the album is recorded by myself in my room with no fancy equipment. I really like the LoFi sounds. I would put my computer up next to the record player or T.V to get sound clips from movies. The song "they 4got" is a mash up of a hawaiian thrift store record i found at salavation army. Jamie Barrier of "the pine hill haints" wrote it and duets with the vox. Jamie is a big inspo on my music with the "raw" style. He was the first ones who supported it. I cant thank him enough for that and also helping me by supporting our son "Oz". I love music so much so the whole album has a variety of styles from beats to ghost tales with guitars and violins. Honey Bunny is my eclectic Go-to..instead of having 5 different bands i decided to have just one. There are NO LAWS in music. I grew up cheering at Brooks High School my whole life so i instantly wanted to re-do "hey mickey" from the classic movie BRING IT ON. i like things a little more spooky so i just changed it to "hey phantom". People ask me all the time about "cherries and cream" because  i guess they want to sexualize me singing about a hot dog stand..no really..i am haha there was a hot dog stand down the road from my house!!! With this album i want people to feel like they are at a football game but everyone is casting spells with vampires and are real sleepy. The energy/spirit from football games is what drives me..even the announcer and the kids with bottles full of rocks. i like to distort my whistles to make a weird ghosty sound. thats how i go about making a new song..i think to myself "how can i make this sound like a ghost is chewing bubblegum breakin' all the rules?!" i grab the vibe and run with it. One of the songs "i got no time" i recorded two sets of vocals..one of them i lowered so it sounds like i have someone singing with me. Two of my friends Jamie Sego and Albert Rothstein recorded half of the album. "ouija,sleepwalking and fires of LOVE" They seemed super interested at the time because nobody else in this little town were doing this underground style of music. It was all sweet and genuine. Jamie Sego knows how to grab the feely that i am going for and hit the target. I like to give people who record me their own freedom and special creative parts. Its really cool when they can inspire you and add their own ideas to it..thats when you know you found a good recorder!! 

The name Honey Bunny stems from Pulp Fiction. "everybody be cool" . I am probably too obsessed with Tarentino and the soundtracks. RZA from WU is apart of that and it can not get any better. My favorite part of Kill Bill is when the "5,6,7,8's" are playing then Uma comes in with that slick yellow suit and samurai sword. The Japanese gang with the black mask and suits ..cant get any cooler. 

AH:When writing new music, what is your process like? How does the world around you influence your music?

AC: I am a really messy person when it comes to writing music. I get so inspired by everything. I could hear an old cowboy tune and try to spin off from that  then hear the cramps and then the song goes into a completely different direction. I also mix a series of Bunny doodles to go along with the art. You can find them on Instagram #honeybunnyart . Its mostly bunnies getting into good and bad situations.I try to always stress that its not about the talent ..its the idea behind the subject. Most of my songs are about candy bar hold ups,skating or getting cursed. I want people to think " is she really missing that slushy or is she talking about a former lover?" I DONT KNOW :) music needs to be mysterious. My number one influence in life and well everything is HANK WILLIAMS SR. I love his simple vocabulary. I like to call him "The Hillbilly Shakespeare" 

Whenever i made the cd's and sat up the bandcamp i was giving them away for free. The album can still be downloaded for free but still folks still donate. that feeling of support is what its all about. I could care less if only 1 person liked this album..if that one person can relate and enjoy it then my goal is made. I want people to get a chance to listen without them having to reach in their pockets.. It seems like thats what everything else is trying to do these days. 

AH: What do you hope to contribute to local music or to your the people listening to your music?

AC: Local music? i want to be the weird one in the back of the cd's at the local coffee shop. John the owner supports the hell out of all us in this candyland town and lets us put our artwork or music for sale in the shop. The shoals really does have magik in the water. Im very proud of Florence and every single individual who actually gets up and makes art/music because they want to. PASSION is respected by this bunny. Nothing is more than a bore than someone talking about on social media about what they wanna do but never does it. I have major respect for hard working folks. 

AH: Is there any new music, shows, etc. to be looking forward too?

AC: As of right now Honey Bunny has no shows booked. Time is of the essence and i fully focus on my little boy "ozzy". He was an unexpected surprise. I turn down shows at least a couple times a month because i am raising this boy alone. When he gets a little older i might can take him with me..who knows..still keeping it a mystery!!!! I did early shows while i was pregnant with a former band called "catbat and punkin boy". The named CATBAT stemmed from tim burtons "frankenweenie" when the cat gets electrocuted and turned into a bat..isn't that AMAZING?! It was fun but i was insecure about my body changes and almost puked on stage at yellowhammer brewing haha. I work full time during the summer and go to school full time during spring and fall. I am hoping to become an art teacher for the younger generation!! 

AH: I am a proud supporter of girls lifting one another up. What are your views on feminism, equality, girls supporting other girls, etc.?

AC:I love when females make music.. no offense towards males but theres something more interesting about it. Boys are always trying to hit all the solos and turn music into math..MATH? EW. i like doing something by accident and being like "oh well..that sounded cool .. lets do that".

Skate culture is a big part of my life.  I carry my bacon board with me everywhere i go because skating is much more fun than walking. i use to watch the boys at the skatepark after school and would get really excited when somebody said "boneless". Dont that make you think of ghost? little boneless spirits. I hope to inspire other ladies to pick up a board and support other females. WE MUST STICK TOGETHER. Also i failed to mention the peanuts gang is also another huge inspo on my music. Snoopy is one of the coolest cartoons ever..expecially when he cries and whines. i relate to him a lot. My two favorite holidays are XMAS and HALLOWEEN. I like to mix those.


Instagram doodle hashtag for art: #honeybunnyart

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/becoolhoneybunnyjams/