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 "We like to use our platform to encourage kindness, inclusiveness, and equality in the scene. We want everyone to feel welcome at our shows.."

About West Means Home by West Means Home:

 Hey Anna’s Ghost! We are really excited to be interviewed by you. Your blog is cool. You’re cool.


AH: I listened to West Means Home at Break Fest, which was so much fun. Tell me a bit about West Means Home. 

WMH: Thank you! We are super glad you had a good time listening.

Austin sings and strums his guitar. Zack Huitt sings harmonies and feature parts, while playing guitar. Dalton Burrows plucks bass. Kyle Estes plays the shit out of a drum set.

Zack and Austin have played music together since high school. Zack was playing in a Christian metal band (remember when those were THE thing?), and Austin was in a band called Signatures. They are both really great at writing songs together. A few years back they met Kyle, and clicked super well with him. Dalton has been a friend for a long while, and is one of the kindest people you’ll meet. He actually just picked bass up last year for West Means Home. We have all been really impressed at how well he has done in becoming a bassist. We all just click really well together musically and as friends.

AH: You just put out your new EP Something From Nothing. Congratulations! What inspired this EP? 

WMH: Thank you! The inspiration for Something from Nothing is a culmination of the 21 to 24-year-old selves that we currently are, and who we were when we started playing music. Nineteen was written roughly 3 years ago, and Never Again was written closer to 5 years ago. On the antithesis, ActorGypsy, and Enemies are more newly born, so to speak. A lot of the influences for Something from Nothing are throwbacks like Say Anything, Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, Foo Fighters, and Smashing Pumpkins. Influence was even taken from more recent bands such as Citizen, All Get Out, and Title Fight.

AH:  I have worked on merch for a few different bands, mainly my bbys in Headwires, sooo I am dying to know who did the EP art for Something From Nothing..because it is golden. I love it so much. Who did it? Can I be friends with this person? 

WMH: It took a while for us to agree on a concept for the album art. We went through so many ideas before we decided on the art. Austin actually painted the original artwork based off the Ace of Wands tarot card, then our manager Milly Baine edited and reformatted the art for the album and our marketing materials. It was the only design every single one of us loved. It's really a blessing to have multi-talented people in this band.

And yes, please hang out with us. You’re super.

AH: What does local music mean to you?

WMH: We are from all over basically. Austin lives in Florence, AL. Dalton is in Huntsville, AL. Zack lives in Lewisburg, TN. Kyle is in Gadsden, AL. The scene in Florence is pretty cultivating for artists, but unfortunately the venue that catered to alternative artists just closed at the end of June. Sadly, the scenes in our other hometowns are nearly nonexistent. In many ways the local scenes we've been fortunate to get to be involved in have made us feel like they were home. Nothing more pleasant or warm than being on a stage while your friends sing your songs at you/with you.

AH: What are some of the messages your band likes to share?

WMH: We play music because it makes us happier than anything in this world. If we can positively impact the people who come to our shows, listen to our music, or interact with us—then we are doing what we set out to do. We like to use our platform to encourage kindness, inclusiveness, and equality in the scene. We want everyone to feel welcome at our shows and to act kindly to one another. In our music video, Gypsy, we used Alex Chrisman as our song-writing protagonist. We want to encourage more women/girls to be involved in the scene and in bands too.

AH: Is there any exciting things coming up for West Means Home? 

WMH: We have so much to be excited about. We’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much people seem to like the EP. We were actually just featured on the Still Alive Summer 2016 Sampler. We are working on a tour in July through Florida and over in Texas. We have a lot in the works and we are excited about the future and the potential it holds.

AH: What is the best part of being in a band? 

WMH: There are so many bests. We love being on stage and engaging with the crowd through our art. It feels awesome to creatively express ourselves and, more simply, to get to create. Zack really enjoys tracking, and laying out a song. We love being together too. We know we can depend on each other for everything, and really value each other.

AH: What is the worst? 

WMH: The worst used to be the business stuff in previous bands. When someone that plays in the band has to organize everything, it causes a lot of imbalance within a group. These days, thanks to Milly, we don't deal with that stuff. Scheduling conflicts give us the most trouble. This isn't our full time job yet, so making time for practice and shows can be tough. We make it work though.

AH: What advice do you have for anyone interested in pursuing a creative medium? 

WMH: Do it. Everyone has an expression, or many. Don't limit yourself. Also, allow yourself to be bad. You're supposed to suck at first. That is how you find out what makes you unique, and eventually you'll find your niche. You’ll get better.

AH: Any last words? 

Our EP is available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Music, and most all other popular platforms. We also have merch available through our Bandcamp and PayPal.

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