"Tell someone you know about what you experience at a show, thats how it grows. Tell someone about your new favorite local or how fun a show was. That's all it takes to grow a music scene."

About Me By Mend:

Hi, I'm Brett, I sing and play guitar in Mend.

And I'm Patrick and I also play guitar in Mend.


AH: I really enjoyed listening to your band at 205 Fest, tell me a bit about Mend.

BG: I truly appreciate it. Me and Patrick, guitarist, have been best friends and playing in bands together since we were like 15. We played in some metalcore bands together, before taking a huge break from not playing music. Mend. became a band because of a poppunk project we were doing. Javi (drums) who I met through my job ata restaurant was also still playing at the time. We didn't feel poppunk was our thing, we played with a more raw sound and it kind of turned into what it is now.

AH: I always like to know what influences people's passions. What are some of the main influences for your band? 

BG: I guess my main musical influences would be alot of 90's grunge, Basement, and Citizen. As far as the record goes, I really just had a lot to get off of my chest personally and I think that sets the mood for the music we write.

PH: My influences are really just playing music and having fun. Being able to see people get into our music and sing our songs inspires me. For the EP we haven't really recorded one yet, so it's exciting to put that out.

AH: I have seen you guys posting about your new EP. ( cool shirts too btw) Tell me a bit about the direction this EP is going.

PH: The motivation is finally taking the songs we wrote in the past year and see how it comes out and seeing how people react.

BG: Yeah, we're actually recording that EP as I speak to you. The EP is titled "Before It Makes Me Sick." We can't wait to put it out, we feel it's a great representation of our sound and progress. It's been a long ride for us. We faced a lot of setbacks getting into the studio, so it has been a long time coming for sure. We just want to put out songs people can relate with and that we are proud of.

AH:What was the writing process for this EP like?

BG: Well we have been sitting on some of these songs since we started the band. Some, are pretty new. The writing process for us as a band is simplistic. We either jam something out or it's something me and Patrick have been working on, just on guitars.

PH: Basically all of our songs are building blocks. We take something small and build on it.

AH:Where/When/ How can people get the new EP?

BG: August 9th. We might have a little something released before then, but it'll be on bandcamp, spotify, and we will probably have hard copies as well.

PH: I think we're probably doing the shirt and EP in a bundle when its all done as well.

AH: The music community in my town is like family. I have grownup with shows. Do you feel that local music is a positive part of your community? 

BG: Absolutely. I've made so many friends through bands and kids at shows. It's a great feeling to be apart of something like that and something that continues to grow. We just want to put on a good show when we can and to make our music scene, friends, and family proud. We also strongly believe in "word of mouth". Tell someone you know about what you experience at a show, thats how it grows. Tell someone about your new favorite local or how fun a show was. That's all it takes to grow a music scene.

PH: I feel a lot of kids don't even know it exists and a lot of kids have grown out of it, so hopefully we can bring back a music scene and bring new kids out to shows as well. That's the goal.

AH: What is the best part of being in Mend?

PH: Playing shows and being around people that like the things I like.

BG: playing shows with my friends and being able to write about how I feel. It's nice to be able yell these words at people and have people listen. For me, it's the only way I have, of talking about things that I normally wouldn't want to talk about.

AH:What advice do you have for anyone interested in pursuing a creative outlet?

PH: If your passionate about it just put in the work and you'll get out what you put into it ten fold.

BG: Seriously, just don't give up, practice your ass off, and just put your heart into your work. Believe in yourself or no one else will.

AH: Where can I get one of those Tshirts ? I need the Tshirt.

BG: We have them already. We will be selling them at shows or if you ever just wanna meet one of us and grab one, Just hit up our page. We're gonna stay stocked up on that design for a while, so we'll get you one for sure!

AH: Final thoughts?

Thanks for taking the time to talk with us and helping us spread the word about what we do.

Make sure to pick up or download the EP, "Before It Makes Me Sick" out August 9th.


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