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"Be your own worst critic, but let yourself have fun."



Caitlin, 19. BFA at Auburn, Illustrator, Aspiring Animator/Character Designer, Fantasy Lover, just trying her best


A: Tell me a bit about how you got started with art.

C: I pretty much very distinctly remember what began my drive to “be good at art”. I must have been about 5 or 6, I was absolutely OBSESSED with dragons and wolves. I had drawn a picture of a wolf and showed my dad, who then for fun drew a generic wolf on a cliff howling at a full moon. But it was so much better than mine, more realistic and more detailed than mine (but I realize now that the man has no artistic talent and it looked so good to me because I was so young). After seeing that drawing it was like this instant realization of “I want to get better at this, how can I do this.” I’ve been drawing ever since, but only ever got serious about my art when I was about 13 when I realized art could be a career. That has been my drive ever since.

A: You are my dream. You are beautiful, smart, sassy af, and lots of other wonderful things. BUT what I really want to focus on is your artistic talents. What role does art play in your life?

C:Art has always played a huge part in my life, it’s what I’ve thought about, done, and focused on for the majority of it. It’s definitely an outlet for me, I love to get stuck in my head making stuff up, I’ll be up in the clouds all day long making shit up haha. I’ve always had a love hate relationship with my art, though. I’ve been told ever since I was little and throughout my life that I am talented, but sometimes its like I look at my stuff and I can only think of things I want to improve on and what sucks. I look at art pretty much all day long whether in school, or just looking through twitter or tumblr.

A: What is your creative process like?

C:My creative process is pretty routine and boring. I’ll listen to music or a podcast, or anything for background noise, and I’ll sit down and draw at least once a day. But it also varies with what I’m doing. I can sit and shit out a couple drawings in 30 minutes and be done for the day, or I can get into some kind of zone and come out 4 hours later with 5 phenomenal works. It can be a draining and stressful process though, its hard to translate ideas from your brain to paper, especially when things don’t come out as expected.

A: What are your biggest influences?

C: Music and movies are definitely my biggest influences, they’re what I get most of my inspiration from. I’m super into world building, so I pick apart movies, tv shows, and comics all the time. My number one biggest inspiration/influence of all time is Berserk, a manga by Kentaro Mirua. It seriously changed my life and my outlook on how I can tell stories. His drawings and paneling are fucking phenomenal. Ive read it about 5 times, I’ve seen the anime like 3 times, and I’ve seen all three movies literally about 10 times each (I’m highkey obsessed). Seriously, please read Berserk. I follow and love tons of artists who are all influential to me, some of my faves are Katie Mitroff, Tom Hunter (goblintom), LittleThunder, Takehiko Inoue, and Louise Zhang. But above all, I feel like my most subconscious influence is myself, but more along the lines of my insane need to constantly be improving.

A: I know you work in many different mediums, but what is your favorite/favorites?

C: I mainly work traditionally. My favorite mediums to work in are inks and watercolors. They are such an easily manipulated medium, and you can get so many effects from any means possible. There is no wrong way to use them either, which leaves ton of room for experimentation.

A: What is the best/worst part about being an art major?

C: The best part about being an art major for me, is making friends who also love art. I love all my art school friends, I love showing and seeing each other’s work, and I love being in class with them. Everyone is so talented and I love surrounding myself with such amazing people who make amazing stuff. The worst part about being an art major is feeling self-conscious about my work. It can be hard to look at other students’ work and not be jealous and then look at your own work and be like “Well shit, why didn’t I think about that.” It can be especially hard too when I pour so much of my time and energy into a project, go in feeling good about it, only to feel my heart sink when I see how much better everyone else is than me. Its all part of the learning process though and that’s the point of sharing your work and having critiques. Not everything you make is going to be museum worthy, but not everything everyone else makes is going to be museum worthy either.

A: If you could give anyone interested in art any advice what would it be?

C: Be your own worst critic, but let yourself have fun. Its hard not to pick apart your work, but those moments of “God, I suck” can be turned around to be “This looks bad, but how can I make it look better”. It’s hard to not feel shitty about your art sometimes, but you have to allow yourself to love your work or else it stops being fun and enjoyable. There’s nothing wrong with drawing the same thing over and over again. Not everything you make is going to be seen by someone, so let you do you and do whatever you want.

A:Anything else?

C: I’d love to talk about Berserk, but we’d be here for days. Thank you so much for interviewing me!!


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