20 Questions With My Brother Josh


I just don't understand why anyone would ever want to hurt another person  or animal without reason

~* 20 QuEsTiOnS wItH mY BrOtHeR jOsH*~

1. How did you get started with your love of chickens?

 I've always wanted a farm animal, but I doubted I would ever get one. One day my girlfriend, Kristen, told me she wanted chickens and I thought it'd be a good time to buy some. I bought five baby chicks for ten dollars. Kristen buys their food and I take care of them and raise them. Since I started I have raised like  20 chickens. 

2. What do you want to be when you grow up?

 I think it is sorta obvious that I have a passion for animals, I stopped eating them a year ago because I love them so much. So it makes since that I want to be a Vet. I want to be able to help animals who are sick or hurt.

3. How did you get started playing music?

 I got started playing music from Guitar Hero 3 actually. haha. When I was around nine I beat the game. I though it was awesome and wanted to do the real thing. So I started watching youtube tutorials on how to play. Once I got the basics down I started teaching myself how to play by ear.

4. What animal best represents you?

 A chicken because I'm "Beautiful and scrappy, as mean as they come"

5. What is your favorite beard product?

Hmmmmmm, the only beard products I've used are beard balms. I like the one by Beard Guyz. I also like this lemon scented beard balm that Paul Crawford makes. Out of the two, my favorite is the one that Paul made. Also anything like straight 

up argon oil or essential oils  is really good . I  have looked up recipes and  made my own beard oil before and I liked it a lot

6. What is the best part about being my brother?

Getting able to get rides to shows out of towns

7. What is the worst part?

When you get upset over nothing and stop talking for the whole rest of the day

8. Can you name all your chickens ?

 Carrot is the big orange rooster and Silkie is a fluffy silkie hen, Dusty is the tiny gray colored Blue Americana banty hen, Penelope is a leghorne and completely white, Rose is my biggest chicken and is a  Brahma.  Then there is  Sugar  and Vanilla  but I'm not sure what breed they are

9. You went on tour with Headwires, what was that like?

It was  fun and dumb. haha. I had fun hanging out with everyone but every time something good would happen we would have a wreck or a tire would pop. I still had a whole lot of fun though and it was way better than going to school

10. What is your favorite show that we have been to together?

My favorite show we've been too together was probably my first show that wasn't local. It was the front bottoms before they were really popular and there was only like 40 people there. I was able to feel a connection with everyone who was screaming the songs back at the band. I've seen them since and, I don't know, I just feel like they've changed, but it's all cool. My other favorite would probably be when we went and saw Manchester Orchestra in the cave, it was so pretty. That venue seemed like it was made for them.

11. What makes you sad?

It changes a lot. But the main things that make me sad, that will never change, is when people are abusive to other people and to animals. I just don't understand why anyone would ever want to hurt another person  or animal without reason, unless it was  in self defense.

12. What is your favorite type of music?

I like hardcore and straight edge stuff pretty good, but lately I've been in love with Folk Punk. It's the dirtiest and most poorly recorded type of music but I find that pretty and  very beautiful. Also, the whole scene  is amazing, I feel like it is probably the most "Punk" genre and life style that exists today. It's so cool.

13. Why did you become a vegetarian?

I didn't have any cool "life changing" events that happened to me. I didn't witness animal abuse or see an animal get brutally slaughtered like some people have. I just got chickens and they became my friends and I don't want to eat my friends.

14. Am I your favorite sister?

I don't want to answer because it'll make everyone mad haha

15. What is something weird about me that most people don’t know?

Something weird is that you can actually twerk and  you joke about perverted things. I know for sure that there is more than that but those are the only things I can think of off the top of my head.

16. What is your dream Pokémon card?

 That's hard, I don't really have a specific Pokemon card that I want but I'd probably die if I was to ever get a booster box of the base set. And I know they aren't rare or expensive but I'd like to have all the gold plated Pokemon cards that were sold in like 1999 at burger king, I already have charizard but I want all of them, and of course I want the Pikachu illustrator card, it's one of the rarest cards ever. There's only five in circulation right and I want one

17. If you could hitchhike anywhere, where would you go?

 I can hitchhike anywhere  if I really wanted to, but I'm a baby haha. If I was to ever hitchhike  I don't think I'd be able to choose. There's too many cool places to just pick one.

18. What is something you find really creepy?

 Not a lot of things scare me but shadow people are very spooky. When I was little I used to research creepy stuff and I got into researching them and they're pretty creepy. Also, centipedes and any bug with more than 8 legs are just ew. They are the scariest looking things ever.

19. What is something you love?

I love my family, my girlfriend, my animals, animals in general, nature and music

20. Any last words?


R.I.P to the sweetest chicken in the world, Sugar. You are forever in our hearts.