Jesse Buddah Clark


Our scene has changed a lot since I was a kid and started going to shows, but for the most part the intent is the same, supporting and blossoming creativity and being a positive force in the lives of kids in our area


Jesse By Jesse:

Jesse/Buddah, 22, Guitar and a few other things with strings on them, started when I was 16 because I wanted girls to like me.


AH: What are some of the projects you have been involved with?

JC: I’ve made music or helped make music in a few different forms. The main ones being Latin for Truth and When I’m Older. The big difference is genre, bc Latin For Truth is way heavier/hardcore influenced, while When I’m Older is poppier and lighter. The other big difference is that in Latin For Truth, I didn’t write the basic structure of the songs, I just wrote my basslines and made suggestions about arrangements, but in When I’m Older I write most of the basic structures of most of the songs that we build around. When I’m Older is Charles, Joh, Alex, and myself. I met Charles when I was like 12 because of Latin for Truth, and I never thought I would be in a band with him he was like a hero to me. I went to high school with Joh but we were never really close. A few years ago he literally showed up at my house drunk off his ass one night and somehow we became best friends. I found out he used to play bass at his church so I asked him if he wanted to be in a band. Alex just started playing with us a few weeks ago but we’ve all known him for a few years. He used to play drums in two awesome bands called Andy Asteroids and Belial, and now he plays drums in our band and another awesome band called Camacho. I really enjoy making music with these guys, it just feels natural.

AH: Most everyone is pretty much in agreement that local music is important, what is your views toward local music?

JC: Local music is hugely important to me and I think important for cultures. Our scene has changed a lot since I was a kid and started going to shows, but for the most part the intent is the same, supporting and blossoming creativity and being a positive force in the lives of kids in our area. Local music changed my life when I discovered it mostly because of the ideas and progressive ideologies I was being exposed to due to being a part of the scene, that I wouldn’t have been exposed to otherwise. I legitimately don’t have a clue who I’d be without our local music scene, it completely shaped my personality growing up and I discovered it during my most formative years. without it I don’t know how I would’ve turned out, but I’m proud of the impact it had on my life..

AH: I have been interested in learning people’s inspirations in terms of creativity, who/what/etc. inspires you?

JC: My mom inspires me. She’s one of the most hardworking people I know and she radiates positivity and love no matter what. My dad inspires me because he’s a hardass and doesn’t back down from shit but he’s still compassionate. More on the creative side, Musical Theatre inspires me a lot in different ways in aspects of song arrangements and melody structures. I don’t really know what genre of music my band is but I tend not to listen to stuff that is very similar to my band, not for any particular reason, but i just draw influences from so many different kinds of music. Recently all I fuck with is hip hop, so take that however you’d like.

AH: How do you write the lyrics/ music for When I’m Older? What is your favorite lyric from When I’m Older? How does honesty play into the lyrics of the songs?

JC: I write lyrics sporadically. I’ll have an idea for a line about something, make a note on my phone, and when I get a chance just sit down, get stoned and write around for a while on that subject. When I have music for a song written, I choose the best lines from the writings and condense, edit, and repeat until I find good catchy melodies and flows to match them. The music depends. Sometimes Charles or I will write a skeleton of a song and come to practice and work on arrangements with everyone else, and someone will just show everyone a riff and we just fuck around until a song comes together. I’ve never thought about it but honesty does play a big part in our lyrics because we write about what we know, but I guess that’s obvious. Most of our songs are really personal. Theres a few songs I’m working on now that are dedicated specifically to one real person close to me in my life, so thats hard but rewarding really. Idk if I can pick one specific lyric as my FAVORITE but I really like the lines

“ say that I wasted your precious time. Do what you need to do, I fucking hate me too”

because it’s me taking an old bob dylan lyric and making it emo, and

“ blue dream never covered my blues, but I’m still me when I’m sober, i’ll still be me without you”

because of weed puns, when i’m sober sounds like when i’m older, mewithoutyou is one of my favorite bands and the line is just super catchy

AH: I know you are involved with theater, which is a bit different than your band, how do these parts of your life work together?

JC: Theatre is my 2nd home, and it is very different than my band. But they work together because both worlds teach me things that the other world wouldn’t that I can use in both. My interest in each is kind of the same, it’s just a drive to create and help build things, and on a small scale, change peoples’ lives. My favorite play right now is Hamilton, its a hip hop musical about the life of founding father Alexander Hamilton and its sounds corny as hell but its actually amazing and 100% changed my life/will change the world. Other favorite musicals include Matilda, Last Five Years, Jesus Christ Superstar, Book of Mormon, Spring Awakening, and like a hundred others. Some of my favorite actors/actresses would probably be the entire cast of Hamilton (I’m actually obsessed), james corden, sutton foster, andrew rannells, brian d’arcy james, and tim minchin to name a few. My favorite part of theatre is taking a world and a story that someone else created and being able to interpret it in new ways.

AH: I know you have traveled some, which is cool, tell me a bit about that.

JC: I lived in Switzerland for 3 years in high school and it was the best thing that ever happened to me next to finding music. I spent a little time in west africa and got to see a lot of western europe and some of eastern europe and it was all amazing and I want to travel as much as I can in my life. It was complete luck so I can’t really give advice for wanting to travel. But if you do get to travel my advice would just be to a) go to europe because there’s so many cultures so close together and you can experience them all in less time, and b) just be open minded as hell about stuff, don’t worry about if something will be weird or a lil scary, just go for it, fully immerse yourself in the cultures.

AH: Feminism, equality, human rights, etc ready set go:

JC:1st things 1st if your not a feminist you’re a dumbass and I’m dtf (down to fight). If you don’t think systemic racism is a problem you’re real stupid and need to wake up. If you treat people inferiorly because of their skin, sexual identity, sex, gender expression, religion or what the fuck ever, you don’t have a place in society. Wake up to the problems, and then start working to fix them. Start a dialogue, its your job as an intelligent person. Don’t watch positive change creep along from the sidelines, speed things up and play the god damn game.