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Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you’re not capable of achieving what you want in your life. You’ll have to take risks. People will doubt your efforts. But in the end the only thing that matters is your own happiness.


About Adam by Adam:


My name is Adam Chase Fields. I travel a lot and take photos.


AH:  I love all your photos and anytime we get to work together on a project I always think it is super cool. For people who don’t know your work tell them a bit about what you do. 

AF: I usually shoot rock bands (local and international acts) but every now and then I get to do some model type shoots or weddings. I have fun shooting weddings because it’s just a different environment but shooting rock shows is definitely my niche.  I got my first camera in 2012. It was a Canon t3i and I loved it haha. I was shooting EVERYTHING. It’s kind of funny, I only had that camera for about 4 months before upgrading to a Canon 7D. Once that happened, I completely fell in love with photography. I was trying to soak up every bit of knowledge that I could about taking photos. Obviously, those first several months of shooting, the photos were all pretty much awful haha. Hopefully no one will ever see them. Since the 7D, I've purchased a Nikon D300s and that's what I'm currently shooting with full time.  

Back in 2011 I left my home to join up with a touring pop punk band called Handguns from Pennsylvania. I stayed out on the road for almost 300 days straight playing smaller shows to big festivals like the Vans Warped Tour. It really was a dream come true for me but there was a lot of issues boiling up between myself and some of the other guys in the band. So I decided to leave the group and come back home. I really wish I would’ve been into photography back then to shoot a lot of the bands I was able to play with and all the places I was able to see.

 AH: Tell me about your first time getting a stage pass for taking photos and its importance to you.

AF: My first photo pass was for the Heavy and Light tour in Nashville. I was so lucky to get this opportunity.. The main reason I wanted to shoot this show is because one of my favorite artists were playing, Aaron Gillespie of Underoath. I found out his press contact after doing some research online and emailed the guy with some photos of this band called The Starting Line I had taken a few months prior… Little did I know, they were under the same management. The guy loved my TSL photos and hooked me up with the pass for the show in exchange for the use of my Starting Line photos. It will always be a special show to me, because after that night I knew that I found my place. I still keep all my photo passes from every show I’ve worked. Kind of as a nostalgic keepsake, I suppose. It’s always fun to look back on where you’ve been.

 AH: How do you get the “perfect” shot? What makes a “ good” photo in your opinion?

AF: I don’t really have a formula that I follow or anything. Somehow, it usually works out for the best.  To me, a good photo leaves behind a story or gives off a certain feeling behind whatever it is that you’re shooting.


AH: What does photography mean to you?

AF: Photography has consumed my mind and my life going on 4 years now. Without it, I feel like I would go insane. I constantly catch myself saying “ ah, that would be a cool photo spot “ while driving around. Without my camera, I think I would feel so lost. 

 AH: Who has been some of your biggest inspirations? 

AF: I have only two major influences when it comes to photography. Ryan Russell will always be my number one guy. Everything he does is magic to me. And there’s this guy named Joe Perri. He is so incredible to me. I think what I love the most about them is that they both capture real emotion in their work. That’s what I aspire to do with my photos. I’m not knocking super-posed photos of models or anything like that but to me, that’s more like creating an image rather than capturing one, in my eyes.


AH: What is your favorite subject to take photos of?

AF: I feel like my all time favorite, at least up to this point, was shooting the mountains in Bellingham,WA last year. It was absolutely beautiful and a mind blowing experience.

 AH: One of my favorite things about your photography is how you capture people as narratives. When I see a photo you have taken of me or one of our friends I feel like it is so fitting to who we really are. Your photo of Hunter Dawson smoking will forever be my favorite photo of all time. Every time I see that photo I just feel like I am standing outside with hunter talking about life, poetry, and how everything sucks haha.  How do you take these narrative photos ?

AF:  Whenever I shoot a portrait of someone, It generally only lasts maybe 4 or 5 seconds. I never want to linger on one certain aspect for too long.  I guess I just see things in a way that I can’t really explain.  I tend to focus more on real expressions and getting caught up in the moment. I try not to think too much when I’m taking photos.

 AH: Your photos all have a distinct color scheme. I can point out your photos just by the aesthetic they have. How does editing photos develop the photo and your personal style?

AF: I do use photoshop CS5 and I dabble in Lightroom.  I think the most distinct part about my photos would be my white balance choice. Some are kind of green or blue-ish looking. I really don’t do very much editing on my photos. Some people like the smooth, flawless skin. But I love the imperfections. I love grain. The raw emotion that is there, I believe is something that’s meant to be embraced.

 AH: Do you feel that photography allows you to express yourself in ways you couldn’t without it?

AF: Absolutely.  It just gives me such a release from everything. I’m not worried about my bills, my job, nothing really matters to me except what is going on in front of me when I’m shooting. 

AH: If you could give advice to anyone interested in pursuing photography (or any other creative outlet) what would it be?

AF: Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you’re not capable of achieving what you want in your life. You’ll have to take risks. People will doubt your efforts. But in the end the only thing that matters is your own happiness.

 AH: What are your hopes and dreams?

AF: I just want to travel the world, shooting everything I can.  I’m not sure I’ll ever satisfy my hunger for that.


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